empath. starseed. crystal junkie. oil obsessed.

Originally from San Diego and always  collecting/doing the things that make me feel grounded, balanced, and aligned, the way that city does.

— ☼ 

As a certified Reiki Master and Crystal Reiki Master, I’m so stoked that I’ve found my passion for wanting to help others manifest magic, be inspired, and ultimately create the high vibe life they can’t wait to wake up to everyday.

I help others figure out what daily rituals work for them so they can stay grounded and feeling in alignment, help them release low vibe thoughts & feelings, and figure out their true purpose. 

The spiritual awakening and healing journey can be messy, hard, difficult, and can push you out of your comfort zone, but with the right tools, it can also be magical, exciting, and freeing!

Are you ready to start your journey?

Hi! I'm Ashlee


That Sunday Feeling is a total vibe for me.

This digital space started as a lifestyle blog, but during the Pandemic became something more because I was guided and inspired to create more of an experience.

An escape for people to go and get some grounding, calming energy through blog posts & random things that inspired me.

And when I discovered Reiki, TSF leveled up and really became more than just a blog, It became a complete holistic practice where people can receive  healing energy and all the spiritual things to raise their frequencies.

TSF as a whole is meant to guide you back to that feeling when you spent lazy Summer Sunday afternoons outside…

No worries, no places to be, no distractions. 

Just you and the sun, birds singing, the sound of the waves crashing at the beach, or feeling the wind as it gently blows the desert sands…

Through regular healing, daily self-care rituals, crystals & oils, gratitude, and creating morning or nighttime routines that YOU love, you can manifest magic and your highest vibe self & life & experience that same grounding energy every day. 

Glamis California; That Sunday Feeling

SUNDAY TIP: To live in alignment is to be doing things daily (no matter how small or big) that make you happy and feel more connected to your higher self. Experiment with morning or nighttime routines & self care rituals until you find what works for YOU. Don't copy what everyone else is doing because you think that'll help you manifest your dreams quicker.

xo, Ashlee