New Years Routine 2022

Holy shit, how is 2022 only a day away???

I feel like 2021 went by slow but fast at the same time. But I am very ready for a fresh year, new notebooks & planners, new habits, new intentions (I’m not a fan of resolutions), and *fingers crossed* all the goodness 2022 will bring.

I’m determined to really challenge myself next year and get the fuckkkk outta my comfort zone via:

+ Showing my face more on social media
+ Doing more IG lives
+ Launching a signature TSF course
+ Starting a podcast
+ Moving

Just to name a few..

I need to really sit down the next few days and map out my goals, intentions, and the vibe I want to feel daily, (more on that in tomorrow’s post), but the ideas are already flowing & I’m feeling some really excited & creative energy!

What about you?? Excited for 2022??

This year I have decided to do something very different to ring in the New Year and had to share, in case you also wanted to switch up the routine!
I really want to focus on releasing old, stagnant feelings and things, so 2022 is started things that make me happy, grounded, and balanced.


I intend to go through everything in my house and purge anything that I’m just not feeling anymore or has a negative energy to it.
I’ll be getting rid of the journal I kept this year because I wanna leave all the negative thoughts and feelings in 2021, getting rid of clothes, towels, home goods, etc.. All the things that need a little refresh.

I will be 1000% burning some sage & diffusing my fave palo santo essential oil to really get rid of stagnant or shitty energy.
All my crystals will be cleansed and charged, and I am just excited to get some good energy in the house.

I sorta did this a few weeks ago, but definitely wanna do it again to start 2022 with a fresh space.

I’m thinking I wanna get some new bedding/home decor/dishes/towels & go with a new vibe. Last year I was really into neutrals, but I’m thinking I wanna add some pops of color & some funky/fun pieces. if you have recommendations for fun home decor, lemme know!

Definitely going to be doing a “year ahead” oracle card reading so I can see where my focus needs to be in 2022. I think it’s fun to see what messages come up and then make sure that my actions are aligned so I can grow spiritually and as my highest self & grow my biz too.

I’m just feeling super inspired by this new year & ready to create some new habits and really up-level my vibe.

Well, I’m off to get started! I hope you all having an amazing NYE and weekend!!

xx, Ashlee