Hello and happy Full Moon Sunday! 

I feel like this post is coming at the perfect time because this Full Moon is all about personal transformation & connecting to the energy of other galaxies, & mental expansion. 

Astrologists say we are right on the precipice of big changes. We are experiencing a massive upgrade happening whether we want it to or not, and whether we believe it is happening or not. Evidence of this can be seen on the personal and collective levels through the disintegration of what is no longer working. Big change is the bi-product of expansion, and so we can trust that all the turbulence is lending to a much brighter and more expansive reality. 

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As Empaths, we have to constantly be willing to work on ourselves so we can use this gift we have to help the collective heal, while keeping ourselves grounded and thriving. 
This Full Moon is also bringing in the energy we need to really connect with ourselves and stop listening to what society or the outside world tells us how we should act, what we should be doing, etc. Now is the time to really dive deep into YOUR soul and discover what works for you. 

Below are some rituals that as an Empath you should try to do daily to protect your energy and ditch any energy you’ve picked up from others. 


Because we feel so much, we have to really learn how to protect our mental, physical, and spiritual energy and set limits for who we surround ourselves with. Start limiting the time you spend with people who drain your energy, don’t tolerate working in toxic environments, limit the amount of time you spend on social media or watching things that are over stimulating.. 
Be patient with this process! You’ve spent the majority of your life not setting boundaries, so this will take time and practice. Start with setting small boundaries and work your way up to either unfriending that person who just drains you or quitting that toxic job.

The Earth has so many healing properties and connecting with her for at least 20-30 minutes daily can instantly make you feel more grounded and centered. Because Empaths absorb energy, this is the perfect way to absorb good/healing energy. Walk barefoot in the grass, desert, or body of water, sit in silence on the bare ground and breathe deeply or meditate.. Stare at the sky or the trees.. Follow whatever your intuition tells you when it comes to what you need, to connect with the Earth.
You can also visualize as you sit outside that the Earth is literally absorbing negative energy & replacing it with good.

Just going out in public can be extremely draining and it’s easy to pick up energy that isn’t yours. 
Cleansing yourself and your space can help you get rid of those feelings or emotions.
Meditate with or carry Clear Quartz. 
CLEAR QUARTZ is the master healer crystal & can cleanse your entire system.
Use Palo Santo or Sage & allow the smoke to wash over your body & throughout each room, to get rid of stagnant energy in your home.
When you shower or take a bath, visualize the water washing away the negative energy.

You guys know I L O V E my crystals. Crystals come from directly from the Earth, making them the best way to connect with the Earth and to also cleanse, unblock, calm, manifest, release… 

A few that Empaths should have in their crystal kit are: 

 LABRADORITE: Great for physical, mental, and spiritual protection labradorite will shield you from unwanted energies.
 FLUORITE: Stabilizes and protects the aura, helps create and keep healthy boundaries, deflects EMF waves.
 HEMATITE: Strengthens your aura & repels negative vibrations. 
 SMOKY QUARTZ: Transmutes negative energy, detoxifies the body and the surrounding environment.
 AMETHYST: Helps you feel calm, offers psychic protection, enhances your spiritual practice and heightens intuition.

Carving out time every day that is just for YOU to do some self-care, journal, meditate, or do some breathwork is so beneficial.
Empaths are naturally caring people and people are always gravitating towards us to help or to heal.. It’s important to take time to just do something for you and recharge & reset. 

Being an Empath is something that 1000% doesn’t need to be viewed as as a burden or something we wished we didn’t have. Being an Empath is honestly an amazing gift and a great way to help the collective become the best versions of themselves! 

Enjoy this Full Moon, peeps!!