Glamis California; That Sunday Feeling

Desert Crystals, Oils, & Vibes

Well hi hi hi!

I am currently BACK in my fave city: San Diego and just spent the last 4ish days In Glamis (if you follow me on the gram, then you saw allllll the posts/stories).
And I gotta say, being in the desert was so insanely grounding, magical, and the perfect reset.

Now it’s back to palm trees & beaches until Thursday, for now…

IYKYK, but I am always bringing my crystals and oils with me wherever I go, and it’s funny because per usual, I waited until the very last minute to pack and just had to intuitively grab some crystals for my trip & I managed to grab all the ones that bring the grounding/cleansing/happy vibes. Very much perfect for the desert.

I just love when the Universe and my intuition align ♡ 

If you’re not using crystals in your daily life, you are SO missing out and you need to jump on the train. Crystals have so many amazing benefits and can literally change your mood, frequency, and life. Same with essential oils. I don’t know how I ever lived without this duo before.

Being able to charge and cleanse my crystals in the desert sand, under the desert sun, gave them an extra boost of goodness I think too.


♡  Fluorite:
(Given to me by my sister the day before we left).
Balances energies, grounds excessive physical and mental energy, encourages positivity and happiness.

♡  Black Obsidian:
Earth stone that activates the root chakra and helps you feel more grounded and connected to the earth. Clears the aura of negative energy, helps with manifestation, purification, & transformation.

♡  Citrine:
(My ABSOLUTE fave). Happy stone that brings in bright energy & prosperity. Releases low vibe emotions and thoughts & boosts creativity, motivation, and positivity.

♡  Polychrome Jasper:
AKA Desert Jasper, it clears energy blockages which can help lead to transformation or rebirth. Also brings in feelings of happiness, grounding, and can make you feel re-energized.

♡  Aquamarine:
Reduces stress and quiets the mind, helps create mental clarity, increases the ability to communicate positively.

Glamis California; That Sunday Feeling

And then of course my essential oils:

♡ Grounding:
Helps me feel more grounded energetically & overall. I love applying this to my root chakra and my hands and inhaling for 5-10 breaths.

♡  Gratitude:
I used this oil every single day, a few times a day. I really wanted to anchor in the feelings of gratitude for being in such a magical space.
It has a spiritual aroma that promotes gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation, & creates a positive attitude for attracting all that is good in your life.

Idaho Blue Spruce:
This oil is said to have the highest frequency of all oils, so it can literally just raise your vibe. I would put this on my neck and take several deep inhales every morning. It’s also extremely grounding.

Rise Above:
This oil is one of my definite must haves. It changes any negative thoughts into positive ones, and helps your create positive intentions.

Having these holistic tools to keep me anchored and in alignment has been game changing. Especially because I’m an empath and pick up other energy easily, I need things that can reset my energy and get rid of whatever isn’t mine.

This is why I use crystals in every single Reiki session and will recommend oils to all my clients. I just can’t get enough of the high vibe goodness they each bring.

As always, if you ever have any questions, want to book a Reiki session, or just chat, PLEASE feel free to DM me or comment below

Have an amazing Saturday!

xx, Ashlee

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