Well hellooooooo, babes!

How’s your day going?? What do you have planned for the week?

I’m trying to really get my shit together with social media & this blog.. Consistency is not my jam currently, but I’m working on it!

Story of my life- always trying to commit to being more productive or consistent lol
Anyone else in the same boat???

A N Y W A Y…

Today is all about this uber dreamy crystal, that I was so lucky to snag from one of my many fave Etsy shops.

Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Every part of her makes me think of the beaches in SoCal that I miss everyday, and staring at it instantly puts me in such good mood.

Lemme back up though and start by saying that every single crystal I have, I’ve chosen either based on looks or how I felt when I saw it. Only after I’ve bought it do I look up what it actually does. And every single crystal I own, has been needed at a certain time- not usually at the time I’ve bought it, but definitely at some point.

Anytime someone asks me for crystal recommendations, I ALWAYS tell them to trust their intuition and go with their gut. Don’t overthink it. The Universe will guide you and let you know what you need.

So naturally, the second this beauty went live, I didn’t even hesitate when I bought it. I got such a vibe from looking at it & the vibe was even better when I got to hold it and put it in my space.

Here’s the deets:

Ocean Jasper is known as The Stone of Atlantis (remember that magical underwater city??) & works with the heart & solar plexus chakras.

It’s great for:

Relieving Stress & Tension
Boosting Your Mood & Happiness Levels
Helping You Feel Safe & Protected
Releasing Negative & Low Vibe Emotions/Thoughts/Patterns
Just Like The Ocean & The Waves, Encourages You To “Go With The Flow”

I love working with Ocean Jasper while meditating before I fall asleep at night, during my breath work practice during my morning ritual, or anytime I’m feeling I need a little dose of high vibe goodness.

It’s also absolutely amazing to have around you during a Reiki session, because it really encourages you to release! I highly recommend having it on hand so you can further your healing journey, even outside of our sessions together.

When working with this stone, close your eyes and imagine yourself floating on a bed of waves.

Slowly lower your heartbeat and begin taking long, deep breaths. While doing so, picture each wave getting smaller and further apart than the last. When one has reached a fully calm and clear state of mind, begin to visualize the negative emotions that are within you at that moment.

Open your mind up and begin to process these feelings, if speaking them out loud helps, we urge you to do so. Continue doing this until one feels a sense of emotional clarity and resolution.

This exercise is here to help you come full circle in traumatic life events, while reminding you the true inner strength you possess. We recommend this meditation to anyone looking to take back control of their emotional body, and begin to grow into the next beautiful version of yourself!

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I will never not be surrounded by crystals because I know the Earth magic and energetic shifts they bring into your space & your life.

And with thousands of crystals that can literally help in all areas: self love, creativity, stress, absorbing negative energy, calming, amplifying energy, cleansing energy, abundance, cutting emotional chords, shedding old habits & patterns…
There is literally a crystal for everyone and everything!

Drop your crystal questions/crystal favorites below or feel free to reach out to me on insta!

Sending you high vibes and love!