lions gate portal 2021; that Sunday feeling

Hello hello hi!

Omg it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a post! I think I have finally decided that going forward, I’ll have a new post go live every Sunday- set the tone & the vibe for the week and then I’m not under pressure to try and come up with several posts a week..

I tend to overwhelm myself and overthink shit all the time, and then do nothing, so this will help me zen the f out and just create once a week.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, ya know I am all about the spiritual, magic, witchy, woo woo vibes. & I LOVE the moon and the phases & what each phase represents.

Today’s New Moon though is straight goodness & high vibeness!!

Third eyes open on August 8 when the bold Sun in Leo aligns to the star Sirius (known as the “spiritual sun”) to generate high-frequency energy that activates the Lion’s Gate portal.

This portal opens every year between July 28 and August 12 but August 8 is considered official activation day, when the Sun and Sirius move closest to Earth and align with Orion’s belt.

Sirius rises during the middle of the summer. Its energy forces opportunities for dramatic new beginnings. This is a time when new levels of consciousness are infused into the planet and also into each of us individually. So as this gate swings open, we are swept over the threshold.

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Today is one of the best days to start manifesting & taking the aligned action you need to get you what you want most.
It’s also a day to really s l o w d o w n & take time to get clear on your vision for the future & just “be” with yourself. Begin your day with a morning routine you love & add in some of the activities below.

A few ways you can really lean into the magic of the energy today:

SELF-CARE: Grab your fave face mask, essential oils or incense, non-toxic nail polish, dry brush… Whatever you need to feel good and like the highest version of yourself. Unplug from your phone and just take a few hours for YOU. Reset & recharge before this huge transformation and shift takes place.

JOURNAL: I am all about the journaling. I find it super therapeutic & a great way to get thoughts out of your mind & an even better way to let the Universe know what you more of. A couple prompts to get you started if you’re stuck on what to write about today:

+ Today I Release_____
+ My Ideal Day Looks Like _______
+ I’m Inspired By ________
+ I Am Creating A Life Full Of _____

Make sure you are getting super specific & have fun with whatever prompts you choose or anything that pops into your head. Add pictures, colors, quotes.. whatever. But the more specific & detailed you are, the better chance of manifesting!

Once you’re finished write or say aloud “This or something better”. The Universe will always deliver exactly what you need, but remember to be patient and consistent with the aligned action it takes to get whatever your wanting.

NOURISH YOUR BODY: Eat clean today and for the next few days.
Drink at least 64-80oz of water, take your supplements, and really do all you can to nourish yourself from the inside. The shifts that will begin after this portal will require a lot of energy & inner healing, and you want to be feeling your best when this happens.

MEDITATE OR DO YOGA: Going with the theme of s l o w I n g d o w n, a light yoga practice & meditation are the perfect way to really connect with your soul and your guides about what’s to come after today.

Other things to add in, are Oracle or Tarot cards, crystals, and Reiki to receive more guidance and release anything that’s no longer serving you

Let me know below how you’ll be taking advantage of the rare magic of today!!