Hi babes!
How is everyone? How’s your week?
Currently coming at you curled up on the couch binging RHONY. After re-doing my website the last 2 days for the 238483th time (hi, I’m an indecisive Gemini, nice to meet you), I had the worst knot in my neck, so sleep was not my friend last night. And after doing a lot of nothing all day, I have a tiny burst of energy, so here we are!

Let’s chat mornings and morning routines. FULL transparency: ya girl here is NOT a morning person. Unless I am waking up at 6am to catch a flight to San Diego or head to the beach for a few days. Any other time, do not even speak to me.

I am the chick who when working in customer service would literally HATE the customer that came in right as the doors opened. I needed some time to still wake up. Mainly because I was always waiting until 10 minutes before I was supposed to leave to slowly roll out of bed and then rush to get ready and leave.

But I am here to spill the skinny on 3 things you can do in under 15 minutes that will change your day, your mindset, and your energy.
Even these 3 things the most non-morning person can do.


This 10000% needs to be done every single morning, no matter what. If you’re on this digital space if mine, then you know that I am a HUGE believer in energy and manifesting, and good thoughts all the time.
We’ve all heard “what you put out there you get back”… So when you begin, and even end, your day with saying aloud or writing at least 5-10 things you’re grateful for, you’re letting the Universe know how much you appreciate what it sends your way.
Your list can be as simple as:
“being able to drink a cup of coffee” or “receiving a paycheck every week”.
Mine almost always includes:
+ Slow mornings sitting on the porch drinking tea
+ My Family
+ Watching the sun dance in the trees

Doing this in the morning sets the tone for the day & is GAME.CHANGING. You’re beginning the day with positive energy and no matter what mood you wake up, reminding yourself of all the goodness you have, instantly shifts your mindset.

I rarely go a day without first doing my gratitude and then journaling. I brain dump any thoughts, feelings, happenings, goals, visions, manifestations… And it so therapeutic. So many people hold everything in and it only creates stress, anxiety, outbursts, depression, and a shit ton of other low vibe feels. Writing everything on your mind on paper gets it out of you and allows you to process what’s going on in your gorgeous brain! Commit to 5 minutes of journaling every morning. Set a timer and just let whatever thoughts come to mind flow.
Don’t overthink it, don’t check your spelling, don’t worry if the thoughts don’t really transition from one to the other. This is your time to just write, draw, doodle, write what your ideal life looks like, create a checklist… whatever! Have fun with it & don’t hold back.

Ok, putting this one in here because it’s still something I’m working on consistently adding to my morning routine, but is something that SHIFTS how my entire goes. I can feel an energetic difference in my day when I meditate or do breath work vs when I don’t. I’m more calm, I’m more creative.. I just feel more aligned. Meditation is a practice and it’s your practice, so this is something that you do not need to overthink. If your mind tends to wander, I suggest doing guided meditations first. But dancing and movement is also a great form of meditation- put on your fave playlist and just MOVE. if you’re doing guided meditations or just want to sit in silence and focus on your breathing, also amazing! Set a timer for 3-5 minutes if you’re a beginner and just allow yourself to “be”. Acknowledge the thoughts that come up, but then just go back to focusing on your breathing.
(I’ll do a more in depth post on meditation 101)

All of these rituals will only take 15 minutes and let’s be honest- even the most non-morning person can set aside 15 minutes in the morning, mmmmk???

How do you start your day??
Let me know how you’ll start adding these to your morning!